Car parking

Recently, people have received a fine for not having a valid Parking ticket for the car park they have used.
You MUST have the correct ticket for the car park you are in.
If you are in the Staff Car Park, you must have a Staff Permit.
If you are in a Visitors Car Park, you must pay the Visitors ticket fee – even if you have a Staff Permit. The Staff Car Park Permit is only valid in Staff Car Parks. It never has been valid for visitor car parks.
If you do not have the correct ticket, you will be fined and will have to pay this.
This has always been the case and whilst we are discussing with the Trust how Permits will operate in future, the temporary suspension of fines we agreed only applies to parking outside of bays:
  • In a car park;
  • With a valid ticket for that car park; &
  • In a way that is not obstructive or dangerous
We had agreed a form of words with the Trust for them to communicate this – but unfortunately this has not been issued.
The trade unions are now in joint discussion with the employer on this and we will keep you updated.

Unison are against any finger printing system

It was agreed unanimously that UNISON are against any finger printing system.  This is because there is no guarantee that personal data is secure and services in future could get seconded out and it could be even less secure.   The union stance is that we should say the systems in place are adequate if management follow the proper disciplinary procedure for staff who are careless with standard security protocol/timekeeping etc