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UNISON actively campaign for and represent members working for Elior at NUH sites.

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The Queen’s Speech has ignored the nation’s concerns, says UNISON


Commenting on today’s Queen’s Speech, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Ministers are living in a parallel universe. Years of harsh spending cuts have caused huge damage to public services across the country. 

“People have had enough of austerity, and want proper investment in schools, hospitals, police forces and local services. Yet there was none of this in the Queen’s Speech.

“Nor was there anything about pay. Nurses, teaching assistants, council workers, care staff and other public sector employees should be rewarded for their hard work with a long overdue wage rise. The pay cap has left them extremely hard up and must go.” 

Read Ahead challenge

Reading ahead challenge

Do you like a challenge? “read Ahead 6 things” begins late in the year, It doesn’t have to be a whole book, a magazine article also counts!

 Our NUH Library is  based at the City Campus.

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For any more information contact Linda Press Unison U.L.R Officer

email: linda.press@nuh.nhs.uk

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This is for all members and none members who works for the NUH

James Kettle-Madon


My name is Jaymes Kettle- Madon. I have worked for the NHS for 33 years.  For the past 21 years I have taken an active role in Unison as both Branch Steward and for 9 years as Assistant branch secretary. Before that I was the branch chair person I care passionately about the NHS and its workforce NHS and the outsourced staff with the associated companies. I have also taken on the role as convener for ellior

During my term as a union official I have seen through a number of key challenges that has faced the NHS, the most significant being the outsourcing of staff to carillon and ellior. I have taken an active roll on staff side as well as partnership bringing up issues that relate to the working lives off staff and for patient care.

Also as an active unison steward and have represented members at discipliner’s, grievances and sickness reviews. I have a particular interest in equality and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) issues. Over the past years I have endeavoured to represent the members not only with the one day a week facility time I have, I have also  spent the last year attending meetings and representing in my own time as well as  days off .

I will continue to deal with the number of challenges that need to be overcome like the vast amount of workforce changes that are happening, as well as the cuts to our NHS Budgets that we need to fight not only to keep the NHS but to continue the support our members in providing information and publications’ about the Union and its work on a regular basis, to provide and maintain educational facilities and encourage members to participate in them.

My aims and objectives

To ensure equality of treatment and fare reprentation

To protect the rights of members

To keep members informed as to the best of my abilities and knowledge

To promote and improve health, safety and welfare of our members in the work force

To promote our member led union and carry out and fulfil decisions made by members

To promote far representation in all union structures for women, black members disabled members, as well as lesbian gay bisexual and transgender members

To encourage solidarity and effective working partnership between member’s activists and representatives officers and all staff in the service and union and it’s agreed policy

I enjoy role as branch Assistant secretary. And taking the challenge of doing another year I would greatly like your support.