Branch Officers/Stewards


Please contact Julia Stonley on 0115 7844014 or 07984538585 Monday to Thursday  8AM – 4.30PM  Friday 9AM – 3PM 

If you  require representation

For all out off hours service please contact Unison Direct  0800 0857857

Acting Branch Secretary -Martin-Hallam-Benn   (Fully trained ERA to represent)  . I am also Staffside Joint Vice Chair. I have been on full time release for 9 years. Before this I was an Emergency Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner, based on C25. I have worked in the NUHS for almost 30 years. I have a wealth of experience gained over the last 30 years and have represented many UNISON members across all bandings and all specialities.

Branch Chair – Denise Vasey    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Branch Chair – Sharon Vasselin    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Branch Treasurer – Mick Brown    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Michael (mick) brown Worked for the NHS since I was 18 been a unison rep for 7 years and the branch treasurer for 3 years

  Assistant Branch Secretary & LGBT Officer – James Kettle-Madon   (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Assistant Branch Secretary – Chris Lowe     (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Branch Health and Safety Officer – Jean-Charles Jersier

Branch Black Members Officer – Edith Amo-Mensah    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Assistant Treasurer – Vaccant


Lifelong learning co-ordinator – Denise Vasey    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Equalities Officer – Colin Mudd    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

  Women’s Officer – Janetta Clarke (Post pending)

 I am chairperson for Maternity Shared Governance plus Fire Warden for the ward and now Women’s Officer for Unison. I am so pleased to be given this opportunity to help each and every member of Unison in any way I can. I feel passionate about our individual rights as people and as workers. I look forward to meeting and representing each and all of you.


Membership Officer – Vacant

Young Members Officer – Jamie Godber

Welfare Officer – Pallet Hunt    (Fully trained ERA to represent)


 Glenn nowell – logistics Qmc    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

James Boultby-Patient Movement Qmc/City    (Fully trained ERA to represent)

Debbie Pate – Cpu CITY   (Fully trained ERA to represent)

David Pacey – Health & Safety

Janette Clarke – Admin Maternity City

Pete Wilkinson – Hca B49 Qmc   (Fully trained ERA to represent)   Pete Wilkinson,Rehab Support Nurse,B49,(Health Care of the Elderly)Rep for 3 years,available twice monthly,Usually Branch meeting day & one other,(9-4) I do not wish to provide a photograph.I can be contacted via the Union office or on my ward number which is 69049